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process servers everett WA

As Green as we can be!

There are certain energy consumption factors that just cannot be eliminated from business  and our daily lives. However, there are many that can be. Everett Process Servers strives to eliminate any needless energy usage not only in the workplace, but in our personal lives as well.

We haven't come to this decision because it's the politically correct or socially popular thing    to do. We've made the commitment to make these changes in our personal lives as well as     in the workplace for a few simple reasons.

Firstly, It's good for our community, state, country, and world. Secondly, it's our duty to be      good stewards of our land and to care not only about our generation, but also for those to come. Thirdly, it's easy, inexpensive, and fiscally responsible.

legal messengers everett wa100% Wind Powered Website

Everett Process Servers has selected one of the few, if not the only, GREEN hosting
provider for our website and web services. Out of all of the hosting providers offering
web services, our provider stands alone as a 100% wind powered hosting provider.

Their offices and data centers are all 100% powered by wind energy. That means
that every e-mail sent and received, electrical usage of our servers and server support
machines, and additional devices are fully eco-friendly.

Since generating wind energy isn't feasible, they've offset all of their electrical use with
wind generated Renewable Energy Certificates, which prevent the release of 2,660
metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year.

document retrieval everett waEnvironmental Benefit

The environmental benefit is tremendous. 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide is a
staggering number when you consider that the estimated yearly benefit to the environment
is the equivalent of to any one of the following:

● Planting 2,390 acres of trees.

● Not driving 6.1 million miles.

● Removing 510 cars from the road.

Of course, that isn't counting the individual achievements we've made in reducing our
personal energy consumption and waste.
everett wa Process ServiceWhy go Green?

Quite simply, it makes good sense. Aside from the domestic, global, and generational
benefits of doing so, our staff and customers were the driving factors behind our
decision to go green.

Our green initiative isn't a marketing ploy nor an attempt to conform to the political or
sociological trend of the day. Our staff members encourage responsible environmental
practices inside our organization and practice them outside of the workplace. We know
that our clients feel just as strongly about the merits of conservation as we do.

As contributing citizens and members of the business community we view ourselves as
role models to the next generation. This means that it is our responsibility to live and work
in the manner that we would like them to.

legal support everett waPersonal Conservation Efforts


Everett Process Servers conserves energy, uses recycled goods and products, and

eliminates waste whenever possible. Whether were on the job or at home, there are a

number of ways that we have been able to reduce our individual consumption and overall waste.


A few of our conservation practices are: using public transportation whenever possible, using recycled paper, using energy efficient lighting, reducing our average miles driven per month, using a wind powered website hosting provider, and many more. We realize that our company's efforts will make a minute difference overall. Though, we also know that if we as a community, state, and nation diligently pursue increased conservation and the reduction of waste, the results will be immeasurable.