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Legal Notice


This website contains information, pricing, and proprietary advertisements pertaining to legal support services. While great care is taken to ensure that the information provided is correct,  up-to-date and complete, Everett Process Services cannot guarantee that this is always the case. Therefore, Everett Process Servers makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information provided.

Everett Process Servers does not provide Legal Advise. Additionally, the information provided is not to be considered as and cannot be a substitute for legal advice. All liability is therefore excluded. Since this also applies to the contents of external websites to which links may be placed on this site and over which Everett Process Servers has no influence, Everett Process Services also excludes all liability for the content of such web sites to which links are placed on this site.

Published rates are subject to change and current rates may differ from rates communicated previously or that are otherwise publicized. Everett Process Servers cannot and does not guarantee the results of any service ordered or the time required to complete the order. Time sensitive orders may require rescheduling of the court date, amendments, or other modifications. All declarations, letters, evidence of any kind, including G.P.S., photographic, and video evidence, is an additional service provided, if available, and is subject to additional fees.

All orders for service of process are for three (3) attempts per address, per action, and per subject. Additional attempts are subject to additional fees. Additional addresses are subject to additional fees. Additional parties/subjects are processed independently. Mileage may apply on all orders. Orders requiring service within three (3) days or less are considered "Expedited," and are subject to additional fees. All orders requiring the printing of more than 40 pages are subject to additional printing related fees.

No refunds will be made after an order is placed. Fee's will not be waived for cancelations once an order is placed. Delinquent accounts are subject to additional fees beyond the principal balance, including late fees, and collection costs. Specifically, delinquent accounts are subject to late fees, collection action, applicable costs associated, and may result in legal action.

Everett Process Servers offers updates on cases pending service for a fee. The case management process is a very time intensive process, and requests for updates on cases pending service, prior to a final disposition have been reached or determined by our organization, is an action that hinders our ability to conduct business efficiently, and effectively provide quality services to all of our clients. To review the update packages that we offer, please visit our Fees page for more information, or scroll to the bottom of this page for more details.

R.C.W. 19.16.250 (21) permits the assessment of up to 35% of the principal balance of a commercial account assigned for collection, and as such, all commercial orders are subject to RCW 19.16.250 (21) and all other fees as permitted by law. The placement of an order constitutes customer/Subscriber's agreement to the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.


The trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress and products on this internet site are protected in the United States and internationally. Names, words, motto's, symbols, and graphics representing Everett Process Servers and their services are trademarks and copyrights of the company, protected by trademark and copyright laws of the United States of America and other countries. No use of any of these may be made without the prior, written authorization of the owners of this site, except to identify the products or services of the company.

Use of Logo

The names, trademarks, service marks, and logos of Everett Process Servers appearing on www.EverettPS.com and any other website, may not be used in any advertising or publicity or otherwise to indicate Everett Process Servers sponsorship of or affiliation with any product or service or affiliation without Everett Process Servers prior written permission. Permission to use a logo or trademark from Everett Process Servers does not diminish or change in any way exclusive trademark in the logo, trade dress, design, or name nor shall it be construed as a transfer of Everett Process Servers trademark to that organization.


All material and information provided on www.EverettPS.com unless specifically noted otherwise, is copyrighted material owned by the Everett Process Servers Company. Copying and/or downloading, including framing or mirroring, of any of this information for the purpose of distributing it to others, posting on another website, webpage, or blog, for competitive purposes, or for re-design purposes is strictly prohibited without the specific written permission of the Everett Process Servers Company.  All other rights are reserved by the Everett Process Servers Company. Any individual making unauthorized copies  or downloading any material from this website will be subject to the penalties as set forth in federal and state copyright laws. Links to the public areas of www.EverettPS.com are permitted with permission. Links to materials in the password-protected areas of www.EverettPS.com are not allowed. www.EverettPS.com reserves the right to revoke permission to link to any or all web sites.

Personal Information & Usage

Everett Process Servers collects personal information from it's clients for service and billing related reasons. For example, to deliver a product or service that you have requested, enable your participation in online activities, such as electronic invoicing or newsletter distribution, or seasonal discount coupons. We will explain why we need to collect this information when we ask you for it and keep it to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws or regulations.

Notice to Volume Case Placement Subscribers

All Terms and Conditions set forth herein this Legal Notices page, apply to Volume Case Placement Subscribers unless otherwise agreed to by Everett Process Servers and Subscriber, in a signed written agreement by officers of each organization.

Nothing contained in the Notice to Volume Case Placement Subscribers section of this Legal Notices page shall be considered to modify, minimize, negate in any capacity, or otherwise nullify any other section provided herein.


Everett Process Servers will serve process pursuant to the laws of the State of Washington, the Washington State Court Rules of Civil Procedure, and whenever applicable, pursuant to the local rules. Everett Process Servers will not negotiate with regard to the manner in which service can be declared, as the statutes of the State of Washington clearly set forth the procedures necessary to effectuate service. When in the field and operating in the capacity of a process server attempting to serve process for a court of the United States, our process servers are the only person capable of making a determination as to whether or not the law and civil rules permit service to be made, and if so, in what manner it shall be made. No person, regardless of licensing credentials or academic degrees held, and regardless of the volume of business that they assign, shall instruct our organization as to whether service will be declared, and if so how it shall be declared, nor shall any other person or entity control the words in which are used in the actual declarations prepared for submission to the courts, nor in the titling of the declarations, as they will be titled appropriately by our organization, by self preparation, or by direction to your firm or agency, for preparation purposes.


Once a case has been assigned to our office for the purposes of effectuating service, fees are due and shall not be waived, regardless of a cancellation, or for other any other reason. The mere act of processing case assignments, constitutes an action on our part to facilitate Subscribers request, with or without service of process having been attempted or effectuated, and services are considered rendered, upon commencing the data entry process.

Non-payment by the agreed upon due date, will subject Subscribers account to an immediate hold. Everett Process Servers may at any time, request that the Subscriber submit a deposit, prior to processing their claims. A deposit may be required if the Subscriber has not submitted a timely payment. A late fee of $250.00 may be assessed for every fifteen days of delinquency, and a standard late fee of $25 per outstanding invoice will be applied. Subscriber agrees to and acknowledges that delinquent accounts are, in addition to delinquency fees, subject to collection action, and that each transaction is subject to RCW 19.16.250 (21) if collection actions are taken. Collection actions may include assigning an outstanding account to a commercial collection agency for civil enforcement and credit reporting actions and litigation for the purposes of collecting on unpaid receivables. Subscribers further agree that if litigation is necessitated, all proceedings shall be held in Snohomish County, State of Washington.


Requests for service to be attempted and/or effectuated within a certain period of time may be made, and Everett Process Servers will make every effort to accommodate such requests as a courtesy, whenever feasible. However, while the Subscriber may refer to this time designation as a deadline, cutoff, due date, or other similar terms, it shall not be treated as anymore than a request. As set forth herein the Legal Notices page of www.EverettPS.com, Everett Process Servers makes no guarantees, whatsoever, as to whether or not service can or cannot, or will or will not be effectuated, and does not and cannot guarantee any time frame in which service will be attempted or effectuated. Subscriber assigns cases to Everett Process Servers with the understanding that we will process their claims as promptly as possible, and without guarantee of a time frame in which services will be completed. Subscriber may request that efforts be terminated or otherwise cancelled on a case that they have assigned, however, Subscriber does so knowing that fees are due for said cancellation.


Everett Process Servers may or may not use field sheets / service note forms / or electronic data recording tools (Smartphone Applications), offered or provided to our organization, however, in the event that Everett Process Servers does so occasionally or regularly, at no time shall such use of Subscriber's forms or data applications constitute an agreement to do so, to do so regularly, or otherwise be construed as an obligation to do so. Everett Process Servers will not be bound to use any forms or electronic media or applications that are not produced by, or otherwise regularly employed by and for, Everett Process Servers. Use of such forms, media, and applications, offered or provided to Everett Process Servers by Subscriber, if utilized, is a voluntary act, done so as a courtesy, and at no time shall be considered a requirement of Everett Process Servers.


Photographic evidence will not be provided to Volume Case Placement Subscribers, Everett Process Servers has no duty to do so, and shall not be expected to do so. Everett Process Servers is not responsible for record keeping beyond the date, time, and address relevant to when service is effectuated in a case. Neither the laws of the State of Washington, nor does the Washington State Court Rules of Civil Procedure, establish any burden to do so, nor shall any expectation to do so be asserted by Subscriber. Everett Process Servers shall not be expected to fulfill the record keeping procedures of another organization, or in any other capacity beyond that which is standard operating procedure for Everett Process Servers, of which, Everett Process Servers possesses the exclusive privilege for establishing.


Services other than the attempted effectuation of service of process are not subject to any special discounts or set offs other than that which is agreed to by way of a signed written agreement between Everett Process Servers and Subscriber. All services outside or otherwise separate from the effectuation of service of process, will be provided at Subscribers request, and will be subject to our published rates, unless otherwise agreed to by Everett Process Servers in a signed written agreement. Volume placement subscribers who are granted a discounted rate in exchange for and otherwise based upon an agreed upon and promised amount of cases to be assigned to our office monthly, are not entitled to nor shall be granted any special privileges other than that which is specifically set forth by way of a written agreement signed by officers of each entity.


Everett Process Servers offers updates on cases pending service for a fee. The case management process is a very time intensive process, and requests for updates on cases pending service, prior to a final disposition have been reached or determined by our organization, is an action that hinders our ability to conduct business efficiently, and effectively provide quality services to all of our clients.

For Subscribers that would like to obtain periodic updates on the status of a pending case assignment, we provide a few options to choose from, and do so at the lowest rates available.

To enroll in one of the following packages, please contact our office directly:

The Magnifying Glass

This service provides a subscriber with an e-mail update of every attempt at service, at the time that the attempt is recorded. Photographic evidence is frequently available (provided light conditions and cellular reception at the service address are permitting). Additionally, the servers notes, if any, will be available for review upon receipt.

Only $400 per month for up to 50 cases; or Only $25.00 per individual case.

Only $600 per month for up to 100 cases.

Call us for a quote on regular updates for subscribers who place over 100 orders for service per month.

The Periodical

Only $100 a month for updates on up to five (5) cases per every two (2) week period. You tell us which cases you're interested in, we'll get you up to speed!

The One-Timer

All requests for a single update are only $25.00 per update!

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