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Everett Process Servers Co. - Everett, WA. Process Server Services Starting at ONLY $35 per service of process!

Process Server Stake Outs

When people hide from the law, a professional stake out may be the only effective method to ensure that a legal service of process is completed. If we lived in a perfect world, every individual and company would willingly accept a civil service of process. As we all know,  that's simply not the case. For those situations that require a little extra effort to get the job done, our clients often elect to enlist our Stake out services to successfully effectuate service of process.

Everett Process Servers provides stake out process services at the lowest rates available. Our staff has years of investigational experience and are prepared to effect service on even the most difficult cases. We take every safety precaution and focus on executing service of process at the safest and earliest opportunity.

Service of Process is as cornerstone to the legal system as pillars are to a courthouse. Though, effecting service on a respondent or defendant is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Particularly when the person whom you are charged with the responsibility of serving is doing everything in their power to avoid the lawful service of process.

It is when a willful avoidance is identified that we must put forth an extra effort to ensure that service of process is completed. In many cases, that requires conducting a stake out at a particular location where they are believed to be at.

Cases that warrant a Stake Out

You might be wondering whether your case would be a good candidate for a stake out. Generally speaking, you should consider ordering a Stake Out if any of the following situations apply to your case.

    ~ You have not been able to effect service by traditional means.
    ~ The person(s) has verbalized their intent to elude attempts to serve them.
    ~ The person(s) has attempted to elude or eluded previous attempts to
        serve them.
    ~ The person(s) lives a very active lifestyle and attempts to serve them are likely to be
        unsuccessful unless service is conducted at a specific time and place.

How does a Stake Out work?

Stakes outs can be carried out in a number of ways. Each situation and it's circumstances are different. In some cases it means that we observe their place of employment or residence until we are able to identify the person to be served. For instance, if we're attempting to serve somebody and we're not sure when they leave for work, we might arrive near their residence very early in the morning hours and wait for them to leave for the day.

In other cases, an individual may be staying with friends or relatives. Perhaps, their significant other. In this scenario we would focus on the places that they are most likely to be and make adjustments to our plan as necessitated. This may include businesses that they frequent. Business such as, restaurants, bars, athletic gyms, parks, shopping centers, and gas stations. Once we have located the individual, we then effect service of process safely and expediently.


Stake Outs:    $55.00 per hour & .50¢ per mile.   

         Conditions Apply: 2 hour minimum, plus mileage. $90.00 minimum plus billable hours if cancelled

          while in process. $49.99 rate is applicable to standard orders only. See Fees page for more info.


If you have a case that you think warrants a Stake Out in order to perform a service of process, please call us today for a free consultation. We will evaluate the information that you provide us with and discuss all viable options.